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Here readers will come to know the trials and suffering, and the successes and joys, of New Zealanders from many nationalities.​​

Scenic New Zealand

Your journey to New Zealand will require travel by air, ship, and, at times, unpaved roads. Hang on, and don't forget the dramamine!

Visit New Zealand at home – we’ll take you there.

Islands of Faith engages the reader in a never-before written collection about the peoples of New Zealand. The volume opens the doors of faithful Kiwis—from Omamari, near the country’s northern tip, to Invercargill, close to the nation’s southern-most point. Authors Randall and Linda Ripplinger invite you into the homes, hearts, and lives of 31 New Zealand families, and they will leave you with wonder at how so many are making so much of life despite their trials.

Explore The Book
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